We'll Help You Get To the Next Level 

              Both In Your Business & Personal Life

"I Edu-tain, Enter-train, Inspire, Motivate & Encourage Entrepreneurs To Get To The Next Level of personal & business development."-P.O.E.T. WOODS

P.O.E.T. WOODS, Founder of AEM

James Woods III, P.O.E.T. has proven to be a source of positivity, and valuable inspiration to all he comes into contact with, directly or indirectly.


He has over 20 years of professional relationship marketing & networking experience. With 20 years of experience in public & professional inspirational speaking, P.O.E.T. has trained and inspired tens of thousands of people. 


P.O.E.T. is the most sought after Inspirational Wealth Acceleration and Transformational Leadership Coach Enter-trainer, in the personal and business development community.


He is famous for using A.N.I.E. (Advanced NLP Infused Edu-tainer / Enter-trainment), C.C.'s (Covert Conversations) & (Core Communication) and A.I. (Accelerated Interactions), to enter-train and consult the next generation of entrepreneurs on how to become more to have more. 


In 2002, he served as Regional Manager for Prepaid Legal Services Inc. in Wisconsin. In 2004, he served as Regional Vice President for Prepaid Legal Services Inc. in Arizona.


P.O.ET had the privilege of being featured in a 2005 issue of Success From Home Magazine and has shared the stage with his mentors Paul J. Meyer, Robert Kiyosaki, and Jim Rohn, to name a few. 


P.O.E.T. is certified in Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming, receiving his certification from Wealth Acceleration & Transformational Leadership Coaching and Training and Accelerated Changed Technologies, in 2012.


He studied music production at Full Sail University to expand and hone his talents and sharpen his skills and musical ability in communication & personal and business development.


P.O.E.T. use effective, proven systems and principles to accelerate improvements in both your business and personal life. 

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